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Ripples of Change

Water scarcity is one of Pakistan’s leading issues. Pakistan has a rapidly growing population which puts immense pressure on the country’s water resources. The issue of scarcity is made worse in rural areas by the rising demand for water for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes.

In comparison to the rest of the globe, Pakistan  is among the top 10 nations with the highest percentage of its population lacking access to clean water. Key initiatives need to be taken to improve both the sanitation of its water sources and the quality of its drinking water in both its urban and rural areas so that death and diseases caused by water-borne diseases can be significantly reduced by maintaining adequate hygiene.

Amanatdaar offers the installation of hand pumps in rural areas. Each hand water pump can be installed for approximately Rs. 60,000. The installation of the pump can take between 1 – 3 months.

Your donation can help people to have safe and easy access to not only drinking water but for domestic and agricultural purposes too. The sustainability of the entire community, not just one person, depends on having access to clean water.

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