Donate your Zakat to Amanatdaar to ensure it reaches the most needy.


Support Transformation through Zakat with Amanatdaar Welfare Trust!
Make your Zakat count by partnering with Amanatdaar Welfare Trust. Our trusted platform ensures your Zakat reaches the most deserving individuals, fostering positive change and empowerment. Your Zakat contributions are directed towards education, healthcare, economic upliftment, and community development.

With Amanatdaar, transparency is paramount. We maintain meticulous records and provide regular updates on fund allocation, enabling you to witness the impact of your Zakat. Your generosity fuels scholarships, vocational training, and sustainable livelihoods, breaking the chains of poverty.

Join us in building a compassionate community that transcends financial support. Your Zakat embodies the spirit of giving and solidarity, reflecting the true essence of Islam. Contribute to Amanatdaar Welfare Trust today, and together, let’s create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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