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Financial Hardship Assistance

Needy Families generally do not have the resources to support their day to day expenses. Team Amanatdaar has therefore started a new program to provide deserving families with a monthly allowance in order to help them meet their monthly expenses and can eventually find an avenue for their own source of stable income.

Amanatdaar has played a vital role in supporting underprivileged communities through its program addressing financial hardship. Recognizing the economic obstacles faced by marginalized individuals and families, the trust has taken proactive steps to offer assistance during times of financial crisis. Amanatdaar provides financial aid, emergency relief, and resources to alleviate the hardships experienced by those in need. Whether it involves providing essential items, or offering temporary financial support, the trust strives to ensure that underprivileged individuals have the necessary means to overcome their financial challenges. Amanatdaar’s commitment to their financial hardship support program demonstrates their dedication to improving the lives of the underprivileged by providing essential assistance during their most vulnerable moments.


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