Donate your Zakat to Amanatdaar to ensure it reaches the most needy.

Amanatdaar Welfare Trust is pleased to announce that we will be conducting Ijtemai Qurbani (Collective Sacrifice) for Qurbani 2024, just like previous years.
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Help us sponsor students and help them study in our school. Taleem Pakistan School project by Amanatdaar is helping hundreds of orphans, street kids and underprivileged in Pakistan for a better future!
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Help Amanatdaar reaching out to community in need of urgent funds in emergencies.
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Food Programs

36.9% of the population in Pakistan faces food insecurity, and 20.5% of the population are undernourished. Help us in fighting hunger.

Education Sponsorship

22.8 Million children (44%) aged 5 - 16 are out of school in Pakistan with world's second highest number of out-of-school children. Sponsor now!

Water Programs

Only 36% of population in Pakistan have access to clean water. Help us play our part in providing clean water in rural area of Pakistan.

Community Support

Poverty is expected to reach 37.2% in Pakistan. Worsening inflation and economic situation in Pakistan has left many helpless. Donate now!






The Dastarkhawan (Cooked Food Project) focuses on providing freshly-cooked meals for low-income underprivileged people to benefit from high quality affordable and hygienic food. Please support this great initiative: 𝗗𝗼𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝟭𝟬 𝗠𝗲𝗮𝗹 𝗕𝗼𝘅𝗲𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 2700 𝗣𝗞𝗥 | $12. Fresh meals are cooked in designated kitchen space under health and safety regulations. Our team and on-site project team supervise the distribution of food.


People Fed


Student Scholarship


Ration Distribution


Community Support



Education Guardianship Program

At Taleem Pakistan School, we are on a mission to provide quality education and a brighter future for underprivileged children, and help them to break the cycle of poverty. Your generous donation of just Rs. 6,000 per month or Rs. 72,000 per-year for each student can make a profound impact on the lives of our 300 students. It’s not just a donation; it’s an investment in their future. Join Us in Transforming Lives.

Taleem Pakistan Schooling System Scholarship Program

A rising problem in the current social structure is the provision of practical education across the population sectors. Amanatdaar thus works to provide scholarships to students or aspiring students who can fill essential criteria and can therefore study well enough to become income earners. The scholarships will aim to instill the students with the tools they need to access the education to allow them independence in the future.

Taleem Pakistan Schooling System Well-being

Orphans, underprivileged and street kids in our society are often without any emotional or financial support. Help us provide them a fair chance at life. Wellbeing for children will include books, Stationary, Uniform, School Bags, Clothing, Toys and fulfilling Childs Wishlist every month.

Education Support and Well-being for Orphans

Donate for Orphans to help them achieve a brighter future

Hifz Sponsorship

Help Hifz students learn Quran and it's ways, the best Sadqa - e - Jariya for you

Education Support and Well-being for Underprivileged

Donate for Orphans to help them achieve a brighter future
Our Charity Programs

Amanatdaar Programs

We have a range of Charity Programs available to help the community. Help us in our mission!

Zakat Applicable


Amanatdaar’s Monthly Ration Bags Provides essential groceries to help families sustain themselves for a month

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Marriage Support

Amanatdaar is dedicated to supporting underprivileged communities by offering valuable assistance through its marriage program.

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