Donate your Zakat to Amanatdaar to ensure it reaches the most needy.

Food Rations Distribution

Amanatdaar’s Monthly Ration Bags Provides essential groceries to help families sustain themselves for a month, especially during uncertain financial times.

Amanatdaar Welfare Trust is committed to providing monthly groceries to safaid Posh. The Ration Bag includes staples like

Flour, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Rice, Mong Daal, Masoor Daal ,Sabot Masoor ,Daal Chana ,Black Chana ,Tea, Salt ,Red Chilli Powder ,Garam Masala Powder ,Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder and etc.

Your contribution of Rs. 11,000 ($60.00) supports one Ration Bag for a month, sustaining families.

Your Donation Support sought to continue this impactful endeavor. Team Amanatdaar aims to amplify the project, aiding more families. Consider a monthly standing order of Rs. 11,000 ($60.00),

 “And Allah is the best of providers”. (Surah Al Jumu’ah – Ayat 11)

Together, we can make a significant difference in alleviating food insecurity.

Ration Distribution
Ration Distribution

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