100% Donation Policy

By donating towards administration, you will be helping Amanatdaar Trust maintain its 100% donations policy.


The money will be used towards paying wages, bills, publications and other expenses in order to run and maintain an international charity.


We have defaulted a voluntary 10% extra contribution on top of your donation. This can be adjusted to your preference to donate a percentage of your choice.


We thank you for your support. ❤️



Team AmanatDaar is pleased to announce one of it’s key projects: AmanatDaar Dastarkhawan (Cooked Food project) focuses on providing freshly-cooked meals for low-income underprivileged people to benefit from high quality, affordable and hygienic food which will help reduce the malnutrition and starvation in vulnerable communities.

Dastarkhawan aim is to operate 7 days a week currently providing 1,000 packs feeding 2,000. We set a cost of a token for the meal box for only Rs. 10 ($0.060/ £0.44p) as we want to make the individual feel that their level of dignity is kept and not leaving them feeling ashamed.

Fresh meals are cooked in designated kitchen space under health and safety regulations. Our team and on-site project team supervise the distribution of food.

Your donation will help support the running cost, which is Approx. per month for one meal box is Rs. 4,800 ($30.00/ £22.00). Urgent request for funds is requested to keep this great initiative going. One Meal box per day is Approx. Rs. 160. Please donate to keep this great initiative going.

This project impacts the lives of all individuals from young to old with from low-income labour workers to jobless individuals. We are operating on a large-scale basis, providing them with the opportunity to relieve themselves from the burden of worrying about having to beg for food or not being able to afford their next meal.