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Amanatdaar Ramadan Campaign 2023

Ramzan is a special time for spiritual reflection, prayer, and fasting. During this holy month, Amanatdaar Welfare trust distributes iftar+dinner and Sehri meals to people in need, the distribution are carried out in a systematic and organized manner.

The meals are prepared in Amanatdaar kitchen and packed in disposable containers to ensure that meals are of good quality and provide adequate nutrition.

This significant contribution to society not only helps those in need to observe the holy month of Ramzan but also promotes the spirit of key aspect of Islam, which emphasizes the importance of helping others and giving to charity.

In addition to providing meals, the Amanatdaar Welfare Trust also carries out other charitable activities during Ramadan, such as distributing Ration bags and Eid Gifts to families in need, so that they can observe the holy month without any worries for food and enjoy the blessings that it brings.

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