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Join our Amantdaar Family- help us achieve something special by supporting us. Become part of the team by bringing a positive vibe to help us build a better place for communities. Amantdaar welcomes individuals and business to become a valued volunteer team member. Only with your help can we move forward and help others in hardship.
Only our volunteer can help us make a change possible, so we are open to all and anyone can become a volunteer. It doesn’t matter what your skills, experience or background you have. We will help you fit into the team according to how much time you have to give.
We require volunteers for various activities in areas related with fundraising, community support, distribution, administration, awareness or anything else. Your support is critical to help us achieve our goals this we can’t do it without our dedicated volunteers. Please get in touch today.
Please note; we conduct background checks on all volunteer to help maintain the wellbeing of our team and communities we help support.

Every single rupee donated to this cause is a rupee that goes to those who need it. Amanatdaar initially began to ease the pandemic situation for the underprivileged, however in the span of a few months has already expanded beyond anyone’s imagination.

Amanatdaar is grateful for the generous donations provided to its cause through its donors. All donations here are welcomed and no donation is too big or too small, all are appreciated as a step towards this noble cause.

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