Sponsor A Student's Education


Team AmanatDaar is pleased to announce one Sponsor a Student Education Project.
Help us open the academic doors for underprivileged students, this will enable a young person future to be brighter and he/she will no longer has to work under harsh conditions or beg on the streets.

There are as many as 4.5 million vulnerable orphans in Pakistan who have been deprived of their rights to an education, help us reduce this number. Amanatdaar Welfare Trust helps provide equal educational opportunities to underprivileged students residing in slum areas of Karachi.
We help these deserving students with the costs of school uniforms, books, bags and other school supplies.

AmanatDaar believe in a flourishing and educated society as we believe giving an opportunity for education is the only way forward. You can sponsor a student and change their life as we believe Education is one of the most important tools a young person can be gifted with to open opportunity for their future. 

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