100% Donation Policy

By donating towards administration, you will be helping Amanatdaar Trust maintain its 100% donations policy.


The money will be used towards paying wages, bills, publications and other expenses in order to run and maintain an international charity.


We have defaulted a voluntary 10% extra contribution on top of your donation. This can be adjusted to your preference to donate a percentage of your choice.


We thank you for your support. ❤️

Report: Jan 2021

The challenges in reaching Yemen’s hungry have been tough.
Nevertheless, through a network of local partners, Ummah Welfare
Trust has been able to deliver vital food supplies to hundreds of
thousands of families across the country in recent years.
In the past year, over 40,000 families across the country’s capital,
Sana’a, and in the remote provinces of Sa’ada and Ibb have been
reached. Food packs, weighing over 100kg each, have given our
brothers and sisters enough food for at least two months at a time.
Towards the end of 2019, over 9,000 families in Sana’a were also
given double blankets to help them through the cold nights. Relief
programmes like these will continue with your help until Yemen’s
Muslims can live independently once again.

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