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Remembering Her Murdered Father

Amanatdaat Welfare Trust’s UK team are in North Iraq providing financial assistance to refugee families from Mosul. Read their latest account:

We awoke on Thursday morning with another long day of zakat distributions ahead of us. During the day an incident occurred with a young girl from Erbil that will forever be ingrained in our memories.

She had been living in the U3 refugee camp for the last four years and arrived to collect her grant.

After collecting her cash, she walked over to a staff member from the UK and made a gentle request.

A local translated for her. She  asked, ‘Can I have a picture of you? You resemble my father who was killed.’

Wallahi, this was so emotional for us and our hearts ached with her pain. These camps have given us a heart-breaking glimpse into what the war has done to children in Iraq.

May Allah forgive us and make us a source of comfort for these orphans and widows.

Assisting a Widow in Iraq

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