Food Programs

Dastarkhuwan Karachi

Amanatdaar Dastarkhawan

The Dastarkhawan (Cooked Food Project) Focuses on providing freshly-cooked meals for low-income underprivileged people to benefit from high quality, affordable and hygienic food which will help reduce the malnutrition and starvation in vulnerable communities.   

Ration Karachi

Food Rations Distribution

We often leave the monthly food ration by their doorsteps for people we have identified who are need, in order to keep level of dignity and not leaving them feeling ashamed. We believe that every family deserves to go to bed without having to worry about food for the next day. You can make this possible, so families can go to bed with an evening meal.​​

Education Guardianship

Orphan children

•Education Support and
•Well-being for Orphans

Orphans in our society face a lot of adversity. Losing their main source of financial and emotional support can cause a child to lose out on many different opportunities.Therefore, Team AmanatDaar through this program aims to provide orphans with the opportunity to get another fighting chance in society. We aim to provide these kids with different educational as well as other skills so that they can support themselves and give themselves with a stable future.

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Underprivileged children

•Education Support and
•Well-being for underprivileged   children

Usually, families find it impossible to provide their children with the proper support and educational opportunities, especially when they do not have the resources. Team AmanatDaar has therefore taken a stand to help these children and their families so that they can have the proper skills to be able to give themselves and their families an enriching future.

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Hifz Sponsorship children

Hifz Sponsorship

Our HIFZ sponsorship are conducted over a course of 2 to 3 years with the core principles of Islamic teachings ensuring that registered and graduated teachers teaches student.

IT & Multimedia students

IT And Multimedia Skills

IT And Multimedia Skills are an integral part of the future, most students are unable to afford it. Team Amanatdaar wishes to provide students with the opportunity to learn this important skill.

Technical & Vocational Education

Technical And Vocational Education

Basic skills such as Electrician, Pipefitter/Plumber, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Motorcycle Mechanic can help someone take on many different types of odd jobs and they can make some extra source of income.

Water Programs

Handpumps Sindh


Team Amanatdaar is please to announce one of its most recent water boring project. With clean water, people will no longer have to rely on dirty and contaminated water to survive reducing dehydration and deaths.

•Water Coolers •Jerry Cans

Team Amanatdaar is working in remote villages in Sindh to provide water canisters that can be used to transport drinkable water from water wells to their homes.

Community Support

Small business

Small Business Support

Amanatdaar will be providing helping hand to the poorest of the poor who have no education and no skills and the only thing they can do is to operate small business.

Widows Support

Team AmanatDaar is now working with widow to support these women to find a stable source of income so they can support their family and have a brighter futures. The widows will receive a basic welfare allowance every month.

Medical Support Karachi

Medical Support

Medical treatment and support are a long and painful process. Not everyone can afford basic medication or the treatment that they need to survive or conquer their ailment.

Marriage Support Karachi

Marriage Support

Team Amanatdaar will vent each situation and we have an in-depth selection process. Our team visit some of the most underprivileged communities living in hardship circumstances. We have set a criteria in regards to their current living standards, employment and the number of family members being supported. We have already supported many families and wish to support even more through this program.

Financial Assistance Karachi

Financial Hardship Assistance

Needy Families generally do not have the resources to support their day to day expenses. Team Amanatdaar has therefore started a new program to provide deserving families with a monthly allowance in order to help them meet their monthly expenses and can eventually find an avenue for their own source of stable income 

Religious Obligations


Sadaqa (charity) is charity given voluntarily in order to please God. It is described as a voluntary charitable act towards others, whether through monetary, generosity, love, compassion or faith.

Sadaqah Animal Sacrifice

Help us by giving your Sadaqah. With your help we can help the poor and vulnerable people by using the meat for our the Dastarkhawan (Cooked Food project) which focuses on providing freshly-cooked meals for underprivileged people to benefit from high quality, affordable and hygienic food.



Zakat donations will be used in communities that face hunger and starvation.We have set a criteria to be eligible for Zakat in regards to their current living standards, employment and the number of family members being supported


Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeals

Help us by giving your Donations to help poverty-stricken areas. We have number of projects which are chosen through an in-depth selection process. Our team visit some of the most underprivileged persons and communities living in dire circumstances. We have set a criteria in regards to allocating the General/ Most Needy donations to towards the needy for our for food and shelter poverty-stricken areas. Donations will be used in communities that in poverty-stricken areas. This Donation can also used in emergency situations allowing our Team to respond swiftly to help communities in hardship.

Amanatdaar Administration

Amanatdaar Administration

AmanarDaar Trust urgently appealing for donations towards Administration and Overheads cost. By donating towards administration, you will be helping Amanatdaar Trust maintain its 100% donations policy. The money will be used towards paying wages, bills, publications and other expenses in order to run and maintain the core charity activities.  

General Donations

General Donations

General Donations helps families in poverty-stricken areas. We ensure that your donations will reach directly to the most deserving families.

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