100% Donation Policy

By donating towards administration, you will be helping Amanatdaar Trust maintain its 100% donations policy.


The money will be used towards paying wages, bills, publications and other expenses in order to run and maintain an international charity.


We have defaulted a voluntary 10% extra contribution on top of your donation. This can be adjusted to your preference to donate a percentage of your choice.


We thank you for your support. ❤️

Fresh Water Boring (Pumps & Wells)


Team AmanatDaar is pleased to announce one of it’s most recent project Water Hand Pumps (Water Boring Project).

People are living in direst situations with poverty-stricken areas of underprivileged communities. Water is essential in sustaining a livelihood in order to survive. Billion of people in developing countries have little or no access to water which results in number of deaths year on year caused by lack of water and water contamination.

We have built over 200 Hand pumps in the last 3 months across small villages in underprivileged communities. Each water hand pump depending on depth is appox 30/ 50 ft deep. Your donation for one Water hand pump is Approx. Rs. 25,000 ($158.00/£115.00). Please donate to keep this great initiative going. (One Water hand pump can be divided between friends/family)

Each water Well depending on depth is appox 200/ 300 ft deep. Your donation for one Water Well is Approx. Rs. 150,000 ($938.00/£685.00). Please donate to keep this great initiative going.

With your help, people can benefit from clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, Sanitation, hygiene, agriculture and hydrating their animals etc. Number of people travel miles at end to fetch water. Access to clean water is paramount to the sustainability of the entire community, not just one individual person.

With clean water, people will no longer have to rely on dirty and contaminated water to survive reducing dehydration and deaths.

Donating Water can be done as a Sadaqah Jariyah. Sadaqah Jariyah is an ongoing charity with benefits for the giver and receiver. This intention is a great reward in the Hereafter. Giving water is sacred in Islam because it is equivalent to giving someone the gift of life.

In case of any remaining amount is over paid during construction of the Water well/pump the remaining amount will be utilised for our Food projects or into the fund pot for another Water well.

The price for Water Well/Pump is depending on the depth, hence why we have kept a fix price to ensure the costs are covered and any overpayment will be utilised back into projects.

Amanatdaar can provide a feedback report, in the form of an email for the construction of every Water well and hand pump.

– The construction of Water wells and hand pump can take up to 1- 3 months.
– Plaque names of up to 6 names are allowed on the pump.
– Please ensure to provide us an email also email us at ““ to add a name on the Plaque. If no name is provided for a water well of the donation, will keep the plaque ‘anonymous.’
– We request not to include ayahs from the Qur’an, Allah’s Names/Attributes or Hadiths as some Plaque are displayed on a lower surface as we do not want these holy words to be desecrated.