100% Donation Policy

By donating towards administration, you will be helping Amanatdaar Trust maintain its 100% donations policy.


The money will be used towards paying wages, bills, publications and other expenses in order to run and maintain an international charity.


We have defaulted a voluntary 10% extra contribution on top of your donation. This can be adjusted to your preference to donate a percentage of your choice.


We thank you for your support. ❤️

Fresh Food Distribution


AmanatDaar initially started off by feeding daily breakfast to manual labourers and low income maids and security guards trying to earn a basic income. A proper home cooked meal is a treat to such hard working labourers.

We at AmanatDaar put all our love in cooking these meals and thus, distributing them to the homes of such people. Freshly cooked meals are a blessing and with each serving you can feed a whole family and put a smile on their faces.