Food Ration Distribution


Team AmanatDaar is pleased to announce the Food Ration Distribution Project.

There are many households who do not earn enough money to buy food from daily wagers who struggle to provide food on the table. More importantly vulnerable communities are suffering from undernourishment, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This has further been multiplied since the Covid-19 crisis and an abundant number of workers/labourers who have lost their jobs.
AmanatDaar Welfare Trust has then taken a stand and been providing monthly groceries and food items to areas affected. Food Box contains the following; Atta, Rice, Sugar, Meezaan Oil, Daal moong, Daal masoor, Daal chana, Mirch powder, Haldi powder, Dhaniya powder, National Salt, Garam masala, Tapal family mixture and Millac milk.
Your donation will help support the distribution for one Ration Box that will last one month which cost Rs. 6,000 ($37.00/£27.00). Urgent request for funds is requested to keep this great initiative going.
With your support Team AmanatDaar can support and expand this project and bring it to even larger heights, allowing for more and more families and individual to receive monthly food packs. Please set up a monthly standing order meal box plan for Rs. 6,000 ($37.00/£27.00) which would last them an entire month.

We often leave the monthly food ration by their doorsteps for people we have identified who are need, in order to keep level of dignity and not leaving them feeling ashamed. We believe that every family deserves to go to bed without having to worry about food for the next day. You can make this possible, so families can go to bed with an evening meal.​​